Creative wallstickers for kids

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A fun and creative way for kids to decorate their rooms!

STIX concept – Please have a look at this short video below

Short video showing the STIX wallstickers concept

Box of STIX content

  • 400 STIX in 4 colors; regular or pastel
  • Many complementary designs for all kids age 4-12(ish)
  • Hours of fun and creativity

Two variants: regular and pastel

STIX are reusable so you can change your design as you like!

Some of the complementary designs in a STIX box

Use the complementary designs or explore your own creativity!

Product features

  • 1 STIX is a 2,5*2,5cm EVA foam square
  • Special adhesive on back that:
    • sticks on any wall type
    • is reusable 10-15 times
    • does not leave any residue on wall

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